Thursday, August 1, 2013

More hypotheses about Snowden's information

Well, so far, my last prediction about where the Snowden leaks might lead hasn't come to pass.  But undaunted, I forge ahead with new predictions.

So far, the information that's been released only relates to phone and internet traffic data.  That's all very well and good for the NSA, but I am astounded that as yet there has been no talk of credit card information. I cannot imagine that purchases by targeted individuals would not be of interest.  In a certain sense, the purchases themselves are metadata (where, when, how much spent, etc.)  I also imagine the "content" would be of interest, as well -- what is the target purchasing?  Fertilizer?  Pressure cookers?  One way plane tickets?  Contributions to political candidates?  And it's not like that information isn't available -- all those marketing analytics spyware thingies and databases are already out there, and the NSA would just have to make some secret deal with those companies (nah!) to access that sort of data.  But we haven't heard about it, so far.  I have to assume (a) that Glenn Greewald just hasn't released those documents yet or (b) Snowden was only supporting telecom-based systems, and there are different staff who support the credit card data systems used by NSA.

I predict we will eventually hear about the NSA groping masses of credit card data.